Sunday, May 4, 2008

The "Tersirok" of Malaysian Chinese

I am a chinese but i studied in a malay secondary school. i still remember my history teacher, whenever discussing anything related to chinese, he will be purposely look at us chinese, and tell us that the chinese are in tha Malay's land, and therefore it is right for us to be treated as a second class citizen. If chinese wanted anything more than that, "pergilah berambus balik ke china, tengok kerajaan china pun tak mahu kamu"My question is, i did not chosen where to born to. I was born, grown and being educated as a Malaysia with chinese ethnicity. It is the same idea as you cannot choose who your parents are, but still we love and respect them despite the fact you cant choose who your parent is.I aware and agree on the economically imbalance issue.

But look around, most of the Malay doesn't even take an initiative to correct the issue with their attitude and mind thinking that the government would help them while the corrupted government are actually making the rich richer, and the poor poorer. They are helping themself, not the low income families !Look at how Honda taken away, how Malay enjoy discounted rate for land property, how every company must consist of bumiputra, how all the big projects are awarded to the relatives of high ranked government servant while small project are awarded to malays.

Who benefited from the above actions?Open your eyes, the government aren't helping the malays either. At least not the low income ones.They made the POOR POORER AND THE RICH RICHER I must point out that, the fact that we've lost our multi racial identity is mainly caused by the government policy and some extremist's thinking leading our country, but the way it turns out, Malay are accusing chinese for the economically imbalance and chinese are accusing the malay for the hak bumiputra.its time to correct these issues or else it wont be long before Malaysia collapse. I love Malaysia, but this wont hold on to long if the citizen are continuosly being blindly provoked.

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