Sunday, February 1, 2009


What you see is what you get. since human is a multidimensional creation, what you 'see' in your heart, reaches for different type of existance. unseeable. just the way love touches and speaks for itself. in more tangible words, emotions are multidimensional. so, must what you see become the one you must get? but what did you 'see' in you?

Chemistry is wonderful. they are colours of rainbow with the whole universe consists in it. they made me shivered under the glaring sun, burned in the rain, laughed in pain, felt like jumped off the cliff of a mountain top and appreciate sacrifices. thats just the way life pushes you around, so you will learn to become a better human.

Maybe love is heart to find. some love is not meant to be yours, but appreciate it. there are open space around us, similar wavelength travels the same speed. they even travel in vacuum. i dont believe in lonely planet. i embraced my prism of existance.

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